Saturday, February 15, 2014

Taking Deeper Routes

There is Mystery in History and Reality proves Itself ever so Profoundly in the most Desperate of Times. These are the Times we Cherish as Lessons and in Lessons are the Blessings.

(She took the house off the market. Staying HOME).

I, Myself, and my precious feline familiars, Tweeter and Kyle, have ventured into the "Crossroads of America" for solace, safety and refuge, away from the madness and the insanity of the Vortex that is the Eastern Seaboard. The mighty Atlantic was a purifying necessity only as a refreshment for my native youth. Therefore, we have moved onward once again, away from my native homeland, to a New Place. A Place with Endeavor, and a Family of Close and Kindred Spirit Friends who came to our Rescue. And for that, I am truly Grateful.

These are Healing Times, a Prophecy Fulfilled, and as Enduring as Life Itself, Change is always Inevitable yet the Pursuit of Happiness is a Choice, and a Gift of Gratitude and Love.

In L.V.X.
(In Light Extended)

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