Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I picked up what I thought was an auto harp at POP yesterday and it turns out to be a zither, and very much like this one with 47 strings, mine has 45, which apparently is rather rare. Today I found another one, it has 47 strings, and it's a Columbia Special patented May 29, 1894....so I've acquired 2 antique zithers in 2 days. 
Amazing Grace played on the Zither
I don't really know how to play a zither, but I do know music. I'm sure my technique is lacking, but doesn't the zither sound nice??? (The Bluegrass Shack - New Athens, IL)
And a few comment posts from friends...!!
Elaine Stevens: I bet you have great fun with that.
Jim Johnson: Sweet!
Jon M. Strembicki: That is what I love about you, you always blaze your own trail, never a follower, always a leader!