Saturday, December 20, 2008



I completely delved into it, snow non-stop falling ever so silently for the passed 2 days. A blanket of peacefulness. That sort of peace I want to feel in the Winter of My Life. To die peacefully in a light and beautiful snowfall, with that beauty of Silence that's reassurance and completion. I would love that transition from pulse to still-ness, just that way. I was born in the winter, in a snow blizzard no less! I want to die in the winter, that is my very Winter Solstice Wish.

When I was a kid, I wanted to die under my Christmas tree, with my wolf. I wanted to die anyway, a final escape from the life I had. I can only describe my childhood as "A Promise is a Disappointment" (and other things....). I grew up without any direction and fish-tailed my way through Life until this point in time, right when I want to live the Second Chapter FREE of the baggage and burdens and things that are "buried-so-deep".

There was a movie that came out in the 1960s entitled, "The Christmas Tree." William Holden was in it and a little boy, who had leukemia. He wanted a wolf for Christmas so his father gave him one. On Christmas morning, the father found his son lying on his wolf under their Christmas tree. This is where the little boy died. I wanted to be that so much. I wished it upon myself and I was only a little kid. But he got his true wish, his wolf. Something I wish I had, a Wish Come True.

It's Winter Solstice Eve and I got my wish for Snow. I don't know what will happen tomorrow but right now, it doesn't even matter really. I'm in a warm room with my two feline familiars, watching the snow outside from my window. It's peaceful. A Place To Rest my weary Soul.

Did you know that, if you click on any one of the images posted here, it'll bring you to a new window with the full size version? Try it! The pictures look nicer bigger, these were shot this afternoon, Eve of the Winter Solstice.

All the Power that Ever was and Will Be is Here Now. Best Winter Solstice to All!

~now back to your regularly scheduled program~

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Keir said...

That was nice, I found it uplifting. Not that I needed it, but I mainly do cynical pettiness myself, it was refreshing to read something different.