Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Queen 2009


The Cycle of Renewal is Upon Us, that 365 Day Supra-Return of the calendar year as we know it. Stay up, Wake up, enjoy another Day. Things have a way of turning themselves around sometimes. New Year's Day is Wish Day for the New Year ahead. That's what they said.

I drew this piece on December 30th, it was Tuesday morning and Inspiration just found me in the Right Place. It came so Naturally, Effortlessly, Easily...I hardly knew I had completed it when two and a half hours had gone by. But something brought me to create this. New Year's Queen 2009.

It wouldn't have mattered on any Other Day, but Today was Different. I completed an Assignment, a Declaration of Persistence. A perfect Balance of Strength amidst Instability and Uncertainty. A Character emerges into the Light of Being, a Creation, out of My Imagination.

The Last Day of the Year. The Birthday of My Friend. It has a Special Meaning, the Beginning is the End. And Out of this Year's End I Started My Ambition Again.

"Those who know do not tell, Those who tell do not know."
-lao tzu, The Way of Life

The Kingdom of Spirit is Embodied in My Flesh.


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Lilith des Cavernes said...

And those who do tell are laughed at... Oh that's not in the Tao is it? LOL Love to you