Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Piece of Early Morning


The days turn into weeks, the weeks turn into months, then years go by, isn't that how it goes?

I have a small living space, Tweeter & Kyle's company, my computers and art creations that could travel around the world.

Here is to hoping that things get much better, we're talking an entire 180 of my life, the second chapter, the fullest part.

Time to brush up, and no matter what, look and be your Best, Always.

Here's for Just Today, One Prayer, One Way.

*stop thinking and end your problems* ~lao tze

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween, New Things, New Beginnings

It's Hallows Eve in New England, I love the seasons as they turn to Darkness, it Brings me to draw Within, and Reveal Hidden Treasures to my Mind's Eye Again.

This is an Important time, a time when the Veil between the Worlds is at its Thinnest. The New Moon Tuesday gave me a Jolt of Inspiration and suddenly, no matter how undesirable and in crisis my Life is right now, Everything seems to be quite Alright~!

I haven't much to say, I am drowning in pictures and the Words won't come.

I write Alone, volumes of entries, one day, who will I trust to take them and make them Noticeable?? I've always had this feeling that I'd be Famous When I'm Dead.

I'm a New Englander, once a New Englander, always a New Englander. It's just hitting me that I've been living in Rhode Island the longest ever since I was 17. This was not the intended Plan. I Question too much, that's to solidify my confirmed Belief.

love, peace & brightest blessings!