Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween An Important Thing, Dia de Los Muertos, the Closest Thing


Happy Hallows Eve you bumpkin' heads! I feel so mindless tonight, I can't even think of an intelligent word to say! I might can articulate an original thought, let's see....

The Veil Between The Worlds Is At Its Thinnest right now, this is my Annual Renewal. I go through natal charts, look up some spontaneous question(s), read my logs...The most powerful I feel all year is right now.

"What's the use of complaining when you've got what you don't need?"

Struggle Greatly and You Shall Overcome.
And Stellar Times are Ahead
for Us All!

~peace, love & brightest blessings~


She withdrew into herself,
First writing just for one,
Then touching thousands.

She incarnated ghosts, hurt and joy
Into paper-and-ink stories of wonder.

Her years of keeping journals
Are packed somewhat orderly,
Should she ever read back upon
Those intense Tales of Time,

The Sky will Crack with Light from All Glory.

Imagine a Sculpture
You work on every da

Is You Stop, the beauty
Will slowly go away.

I am Not this fragile body.

Which came first,

Experience or Meaning?

And in Light of the Strangest Events, I've found the Lost Draft, Put it in Its Right Place, Be That It May, For All to See and My Eyes to Relieve, of the Distorted Confusion and Massive Illusion that Filters My Conscious Mind to the Infinite Limits of All Time!