Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Queen 2009


The Cycle of Renewal is Upon Us, that 365 Day Supra-Return of the calendar year as we know it. Stay up, Wake up, enjoy another Day. Things have a way of turning themselves around sometimes. New Year's Day is Wish Day for the New Year ahead. That's what they said.

I drew this piece on December 30th, it was Tuesday morning and Inspiration just found me in the Right Place. It came so Naturally, Effortlessly, Easily...I hardly knew I had completed it when two and a half hours had gone by. But something brought me to create this. New Year's Queen 2009.

It wouldn't have mattered on any Other Day, but Today was Different. I completed an Assignment, a Declaration of Persistence. A perfect Balance of Strength amidst Instability and Uncertainty. A Character emerges into the Light of Being, a Creation, out of My Imagination.

The Last Day of the Year. The Birthday of My Friend. It has a Special Meaning, the Beginning is the End. And Out of this Year's End I Started My Ambition Again.

"Those who know do not tell, Those who tell do not know."
-lao tzu, The Way of Life

The Kingdom of Spirit is Embodied in My Flesh.


Saturday, December 20, 2008



I completely delved into it, snow non-stop falling ever so silently for the passed 2 days. A blanket of peacefulness. That sort of peace I want to feel in the Winter of My Life. To die peacefully in a light and beautiful snowfall, with that beauty of Silence that's reassurance and completion. I would love that transition from pulse to still-ness, just that way. I was born in the winter, in a snow blizzard no less! I want to die in the winter, that is my very Winter Solstice Wish.

When I was a kid, I wanted to die under my Christmas tree, with my wolf. I wanted to die anyway, a final escape from the life I had. I can only describe my childhood as "A Promise is a Disappointment" (and other things....). I grew up without any direction and fish-tailed my way through Life until this point in time, right when I want to live the Second Chapter FREE of the baggage and burdens and things that are "buried-so-deep".

There was a movie that came out in the 1960s entitled, "The Christmas Tree." William Holden was in it and a little boy, who had leukemia. He wanted a wolf for Christmas so his father gave him one. On Christmas morning, the father found his son lying on his wolf under their Christmas tree. This is where the little boy died. I wanted to be that so much. I wished it upon myself and I was only a little kid. But he got his true wish, his wolf. Something I wish I had, a Wish Come True.

It's Winter Solstice Eve and I got my wish for Snow. I don't know what will happen tomorrow but right now, it doesn't even matter really. I'm in a warm room with my two feline familiars, watching the snow outside from my window. It's peaceful. A Place To Rest my weary Soul.

Did you know that, if you click on any one of the images posted here, it'll bring you to a new window with the full size version? Try it! The pictures look nicer bigger, these were shot this afternoon, Eve of the Winter Solstice.

All the Power that Ever was and Will Be is Here Now. Best Winter Solstice to All!

~now back to your regularly scheduled program~

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Piece of Early Morning


The days turn into weeks, the weeks turn into months, then years go by, isn't that how it goes?

I have a small living space, Tweeter & Kyle's company, my computers and art creations that could travel around the world.

Here is to hoping that things get much better, we're talking an entire 180 of my life, the second chapter, the fullest part.

Time to brush up, and no matter what, look and be your Best, Always.

Here's for Just Today, One Prayer, One Way.

*stop thinking and end your problems* ~lao tze

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween, New Things, New Beginnings

It's Hallows Eve in New England, I love the seasons as they turn to Darkness, it Brings me to draw Within, and Reveal Hidden Treasures to my Mind's Eye Again.

This is an Important time, a time when the Veil between the Worlds is at its Thinnest. The New Moon Tuesday gave me a Jolt of Inspiration and suddenly, no matter how undesirable and in crisis my Life is right now, Everything seems to be quite Alright~!

I haven't much to say, I am drowning in pictures and the Words won't come.

I write Alone, volumes of entries, one day, who will I trust to take them and make them Noticeable?? I've always had this feeling that I'd be Famous When I'm Dead.

I'm a New Englander, once a New Englander, always a New Englander. It's just hitting me that I've been living in Rhode Island the longest ever since I was 17. This was not the intended Plan. I Question too much, that's to solidify my confirmed Belief.

love, peace & brightest blessings!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween An Important Thing, Dia de Los Muertos, the Closest Thing


Happy Hallows Eve you bumpkin' heads! I feel so mindless tonight, I can't even think of an intelligent word to say! I might can articulate an original thought, let's see....

The Veil Between The Worlds Is At Its Thinnest right now, this is my Annual Renewal. I go through natal charts, look up some spontaneous question(s), read my logs...The most powerful I feel all year is right now.

"What's the use of complaining when you've got what you don't need?"

Struggle Greatly and You Shall Overcome.
And Stellar Times are Ahead
for Us All!

~peace, love & brightest blessings~


She withdrew into herself,
First writing just for one,
Then touching thousands.

She incarnated ghosts, hurt and joy
Into paper-and-ink stories of wonder.

Her years of keeping journals
Are packed somewhat orderly,
Should she ever read back upon
Those intense Tales of Time,

The Sky will Crack with Light from All Glory.

Imagine a Sculpture
You work on every da

Is You Stop, the beauty
Will slowly go away.

I am Not this fragile body.

Which came first,

Experience or Meaning?

And in Light of the Strangest Events, I've found the Lost Draft, Put it in Its Right Place, Be That It May, For All to See and My Eyes to Relieve, of the Distorted Confusion and Massive Illusion that Filters My Conscious Mind to the Infinite Limits of All Time!


Monday, July 21, 2008


Wakey wakey
rise and shine
it's on again, off again, on again
watch me fall
like dominoes
in pretty patterns
fingers in the blackbird pie
I'm tingling, tingling, tingling
it's what you feel now
what you ought to, what you ought to
reasonable and sensible
dead from the neck up
because I'm stuffed, stuffed, stuffed
we thought you had it in you
but no, no, no
for no real reason.

Squeeze the tubes and empty bottles
and take a bow, take a bow, take a bow
it's what you feel now
what you ought to, what you ought to
an elephant that's in the room is
tumbling, tumbling, tumbling
in duplicate and triplicate
dead from the neck up
I guess I'm stuffed, stuffed, stuffed
we thought you had it in you
but no, no, no
exactly where do you get off
is enough, is enough
I love you but enough is enough, enough
a last stop
there's no real reason.

You've got a head full of feathers
you got melted to butter.

"Faust ARP"
(screencaps from West Palm Beach, FLA 2008-05-05)

one two three four....

...less than 20 days away...


Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Just look at that, that um, ecological footprint? Yes. Jonny Greenwood is in the red shirt, to be believed.
This is en route to the amphitheatre in West Palm Beach, opening night.

SMELL THE...Roses! My Friends Are My Life! Roses in Rainbows sounds right good to Me!

Jpeg Hunting during tour time is always great, thanks for the great people here who shared their great vaults. I be Humble. (-_-) xxx
Sleep will come when the work is done!
haha, I truly LIVE for this! I know you must be asking what the heck is she talking about?
Beats me!
I send them as I get them. Liquid Fiction, that's what IT is. I'll try to discipline myself more often, I'm all about Guitar Oriented Radiohead, what's not to like?
And I still have No Clue No Big Ideas Where I'm Going To Disappear Completely.

Rest Up for Atlanta this Thursday May 08th. I know that I WILL !!

"An Airbag Saved My Life, I'm Amazed that I'm Alive."

1st STOP WEST PALM 05-05-2008

This is the excitement we've all been waiting for, this is fresh off the press from last night's

Radiohead performance, opening tour in West Palm Beach, as described on the Radiohead Hub!!

Shot with: Canon EOS 30D

[2008-05-06 01:23] Hello All! Just got home from West Palm Beach

[2008-05-06 01:24] nice! how was it (besides excellent)?

[2008-05-06 01:24] Great show to start the tour

[2008-05-06 01:24] Set list coming

[2008-05-06 01:24]But they played Optimistic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[2008-05-06 01:24] Street Spirit

[2008-05-06 01:24] Bulletproof

[2008-05-06 01:24] and bulletproof, how about that!

[2008-05-06 01:24] the whole new album

[2008-05-06 01:25] Bangers & Mash

[2008-05-06 01:25] National Anthem

[2008-05-06 01:25] Airbag

[2008-05-06 01:25] Planet Telex

[2008-05-06 01:26] You do it to yourself, you do

[2008-05-06 01:26] Highlight of the evening

[2008-05-06 01:26] the place was PACKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[2008-05-06 01:26] Oh yeah - speaking of which

[2008-05-06 01:26] The did Sardines too

[2008-05-06 01:27] awesome set list

[2008-05-06 01:27] the band looked and sounded great!!!!

[2008-05-06 01:27] The new stage set is VERY cool

[2008-05-06 01:27] video screens across the back

[2008-05-06 01:28] Also Exit Music

[2008-05-06 01:28] Everythign In its Right Place

[2008-05-06 01:28] How to Disappear Comepletely

[2008-05-06 01:29] There There

[2008-05-06 01:29] Wehere I End & You Begin

[2008-05-06 01:29] I hope the tapers were out!

[2008-05-06 01:30] I have NVER seen so many people at that venue

[2008-05-06 01:30] When I turned around before the first encore [which was five songs!!]

[2008-05-06 01:30] the entire lawn was FULL!!!

[2008-05-06 01:34] fuck me

[2008-05-06 01:35] just not planet telex

[2008-05-06 01:35] idioteque, not packd

[2008-05-06 01:35] brain fart

[2008-05-06 01:35] I am ild!

[2008-05-06 01:39] that's great! I'm excited just by reading all this... :dance:

[2008-05-06 01:39] so Packt is back?

[2008-05-06 01:39] wow nick! lol

[2008-05-06 01:40] oh, misread :D

[2008-05-06 01:40] would have been nice, though :)

[2008-05-06 01:40] but surprising

[2008-05-06 01:40] old!No - no packt - idioteque - sorry - brain fart

[2008-05-06 01:40] but still, Optimistic ;)

[2008-05-06 01:41] Yes - I was VERY happy

[2008-05-06 01:41] :D

[2008-05-06 01:41] Optimistic & Bulletproof

[2008-05-06 01:41] made me VERY happy!!!

[2008-05-06 01:41] No Paranoid Android!

[2008-05-06 01:42] Also no FPT

[2008-05-06 01:42] sometimes I think it's a good thing to skip PA! Maybe the new tour will give them more reasons to bypass a few things...

[2008-05-06 01:42] not that I minded

[2008-05-06 01:42] yeah - I am curious to see what else gets resurrected

[2008-05-06 01:43] would love to see Dollars & Cents come back

[2008-05-06 01:43] yeah!

[2008-05-06 01:43] and why not a new Packt ;)

[2008-05-06 01:43] yeah

[2008-05-06 01:44] electioneering?

[2008-05-06 01:44] wishful thinking

[2008-05-06 01:44] and all the great songs from HTTT

[2008-05-06 01:44] of course, they sound even better those httt songs

[2008-05-06 01:45] Electioneering would be UNBELIEVACLEI have to say the new songs were awesome

[2008-05-06 01:45] NUde

[2008-05-06 01:45] Reckoner

[2008-05-06 01:45] yeaH

[2008-05-06 01:45] so you saw the West Palm, was that it?

[2008-05-06 01:46] yes - WPB

[2008-05-06 01:46] (I've been data-copying all night, fire up the new ext hdd for tour 2008_

[2008-05-06 01:46] just got home

[2008-05-06 01:46] awesome YOU

[2008-05-06 01:46] :D

[2008-05-06 01:46] ahh

[2008-05-06 01:46] killer!

[2008-05-06 01:46] traffic was TERRIBLE getting out of the pwaerking lot took an hour

[2008-05-06 01:46] parking^

[2008-05-06 01:47] so what

[2008-05-06 01:47] :P

[2008-05-06 01:47] lol

[2008-05-06 01:47] but it was an AMAZING audience

[2008-05-06 01:47] its always like thAT

[2008-05-06 01:47] far out :-)

[2008-05-06 01:47] I have NEVER seen so many people there

[2008-05-06 01:47] I'll be up all night tonight

[2008-05-06 01:47] well!

[2008-05-06 01:47] you go to WP in 2003?

[2008-05-06 01:47] the lawn was completely filled up

[2008-05-06 01:47] Johnny was just staring out at them

[2008-05-06 01:47] gobsmacked

[2008-05-06 01:47] hahaaa, love it!

[2008-05-06 01:48] Yes - I was at WPB in 03 in the pit

[2008-05-06 01:48] presale ticket?

[2008-05-06 01:48] right in front of Ed the whole night

[2008-05-06 01:48] yow

[2008-05-06 01:48] dancing my little white boy ass off!!!

[2008-05-06 01:49] what was the /were the encores?

[2008-05-06 01:49] we were on our feet all night tonight

[2008-05-06 01:49] Tonight?

[2008-05-06 01:49] I'd make a terrible taper

[2008-05-06 01:49] yea

[2008-05-06 01:49] encore
18 optimistic19 just20 Faust Arp (thom & jonny)21 exit music22 bangers and mashthom; we spent three days at miami beach. fucking hell. what's going on there? some kind of reconstruction! for once I was proud to white pale and english.
encore 223 house of cards24 street spirit

[2008-05-06 01:50] lol

[2008-05-06 01:50] bangers, nice

[2008-05-06 01:50] Thom was in rare form tonight

[2008-05-06 01:50] I'll bet!

[2008-05-06 01:50] they seriously fucked up arpeggi

[2008-05-06 01:50] new moon tonight too

[2008-05-06 01:50] aww

[2008-05-06 01:51] and he made the do it again

[2008-05-06 01:51] and it wasn't much better

[2008-05-06 01:51] geez, lol

[2008-05-06 01:51] must've been nervous ;-)

[2008-05-06 01:51] so he said . . " I guess we haven't practised that one enough

[2008-05-06 01:51] only three weeks"

[2008-05-06 01:52] but he was in a really good mood all night

[2008-05-06 01:52] kept thanking us for coming out

[2008-05-06 01:52] great, wow

[2008-05-06 01:52] very loud

[2008-05-06 01:52] Did the 'spanish' clapping

[2008-05-06 01:53] haha

[2008-05-06 01:53] loud is good :D

[2008-05-06 01:53] Ed & Johynny were both having equipment problems all night

[2008-05-06 01:53] but nothing too serious

[2008-05-06 01:54] first show, y'know, I'll bet everyone loved it anyway, including the band! and the sound engineer

[2008-05-06 01:54] hey had Tibetan flags on the keyboards

[2008-05-06 01:54] They^

[2008-05-06 01:55] Wish I could catch more shows on the tour

[2008-05-06 01:55] But I am VERY glad I was there tonight!!!

The Radiohead Hub, 2008-05-05, 'Pretty neat capture of a Moment in Time!
We talk in real time, I made spaces between the sentences so that you would be more apt to read a bit of it than look at a bunch of words in a mass altogether with timestamps and no usernames!

Saturday, February 9, 2008



More Nights, More Days.

I steady myself to keep in the Here and Now.

Projecting into an uncertain 'near' future is by-passing the leg-work to do what it is that I need to do. Now.

Persistence and Clarity are the tools that I need to accomplish avoiding an undesirable and even more complicated situation. I have too many choices and not enough decisions. By end of this month of February, I hope to have a solution to my life condition. There may never be an Answer.

And my mentor, I still haven't the guts to contact him.
and I really should!


Wednesday, January 30, 2008



My birthday, January 29th, yesterday, and it was pretty much an oK day.
Over with Mom and Dad, I'm the Guest now, I guess. I can't really go into the 'rent's
house without thinking that I hear a kitty in a closet or something.

I've made my wish, but I have dreams.

Hallmark wasn't too tacky either, thanks Mom.

What's not to like about WINTER?

Make Do. A rather well-kept secret of contentment.


Friday, January 25, 2008

Words WithOut Context


And welcome to another entry in my Hallmark of Mediocrity.

If I could only articulate an original thought, I'd have a few classic stories to share. Lately my head has been cluttered with equations to problems that plague my very existence. Faced with ideals of realism, wrapped in a cluster of twisted logic and reasoning.

I wrap my brain around it like a python savors its prey. Bringing my spiritual ideas to physically manifest is the road block that I confront, it pushes me towards challenges against a wall of frustration.

When the dust settles within, my inner compass assures me that This is the Perfect Dance.

Until the next time I check in, I hope to have the Secret to Life's Treasure forgotten.

"Vision is the Physician, Art is the Prescription."

Monday, January 21, 2008



Snow expected to turn to Rain tomorrow. Sounds like a slushy day overall. A day when I don't want to leave, a day when I want to stay in bed, a day when I don't want to drive...

So my search in my Mind for a Vision still persists. I'm coming closer to the reality that I truly don't know what's to come and that's alright, we'll see what comes around in May.

My head is full of poetry dreams, little epics reading aloud in my head. I am not in a settled or stable home to commit myself or start any new projects. I am just getting to completing the things I've already started.

It's January, there's still hope for more snow.

You Belong in Winter

Quiet, calm, and totally at peace...

You're happy to be at home, wrapped in a blanket, completely snowed in

Whether you're lighting a fire or having a snowball fight, you always feel best in the winter.