Saturday, December 22, 2007

I'm_VAGUE_and well AWARE of IT


I would LOVE to see Tom Stevens' HOME release in VINYL. A big album cover, and this one would open up, and the liner notes would be an insert instead of the album vinyl sleeve, although neat off-adverts for other releases catch my scattered attention, nonetheless, BIG ART is what it's all About! And I Believe that a few vinyl tracks only should be included, :: hint hint::

Well 17 Ways is a hit. I've said it and it is probably not the first time. Tom, just keep on laughing, you know what I mean. ;-)

brownies are ready!

stay strong.

This is my Radiohead Limited Edition Disc Box set, the Real Deal. Perfect Christmas to ME!~

'always need a little LIFT when times take you for a Fall...

Little treasure Gifts that may mean virtually Nothing At All.

What concerns me for Tour 2008 in North America is this: I can't do some large amphitheater or football stadium, I'd need a laminate for that, All Access, emergency ~ you never know~ And ideally, a small surveilience video cam attachment so discreet, so hi-tech, I want to capture the concert on video/chip drive/whatever, from backstage, all within range.

~* Wish Me Luck*~

A wise Lady told me last week that I needed (to formulate) a FANTASY.
I think of it more like, a VISION. My LUCKY vision. ;-)

Another year and Radiohead save(d) my life again.

In so many profound and impacting ways. They never cease to amaze me, surprise me and of course, top me! The video (which I hope is viewable) is amongst my latest pieces of RH genius that I'm currently admiring, Radiohead covering Joy Division/New Order's 'CEREMONY.'

~ (did I say that I am all about guitar-oriented Radiohead??!) ~

And At the risk of another re-enactment of The Beatles, all I can say is that, it would be like
the '60s, and we could be happy....

Is it me or is anyone else really nervous about Radiohead next year??

Who is Your Fantasy, Your Vision, What is It!?!! If you tell me what 'It All Means To You" I might have a Clue as to how to Respond properly with the Right Answer Straight-Forward.

I saw the Tree of Life and my challenge is bringing the spiritual enlightenment to physical manifestation, no matter and whatever that may be. My most challenging and most inevitable facing-of-the-dread and then it comes to a Point and you say, "YeaH, there are a few things that I'd REALLY like to change about myself."

Anybody *out there* who 'knows what I'm sayin' please be always reminded that you are amongst the very few, mainly, the One, who has heard it first, wherever you see it, wherever you read it. heck, maybe you dream it. :-)


Tuesday, December 18, 2007



My famous Colly photo, my long-time favorite album cover, the painting with symbols, it inspired me to paint right then, and I gave it away to a friend.

This year was incredibly fast. Fast happenings, time-moving-fast, fast memories and fast actions, later, fast thoughts.

This is the first year that I haven't 'kept' a journal, since I was like 8 years-old. Actually, I lost my journal, the blue book I had been writing in during the last almost 2 years. I moved, I hurt myself, I lost my great book and I lost some friends, also, some old friends came 'back' into my life as well.

But I haven't found my blue journal. It is loaded with fast facts for the coming year, which seemed to be overwhelming, fantastic, fortunate and unfortunate. I'm thinking about changing a few things about myself, yes? Isn't this what Enlightenment is?

I have always been the Keeper of the Flame. I archive everything. I've given back those things which began with a person, a memory, a story...

A Mirror.
She doesn't live here anymore. She left the building. She left the planet. She saved the planet.

Always saving the Best for Last. But it's gone too fast and its liquid fiction spills out of my hands.

Something about the right pen, the right ink, the right page and writing and art make a beautiful plan.

I have written so many books. I dare not read them.


But I cherish them All.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007



It's a Festive Time of Year
And a Peaceful Time for Reflection

Maybe a Little Dreaming
Maybe Just One Wish

Giving Thanks for What We Have
Not Worrying About What We Don't Have

I'm Content with My Kitties
I'm Thinking About The Passed Year

Time is Soon
The New Year is Upon Us All
Time to Bring Those Wishes and Dreams
To Full Circle Like a Bubbling Stream

Anticipation Arrives though sometimes Un~Seen
The Seasons Turn from White to Green

Namaste and Peace Within.