Tuesday, November 20, 2007



I miss the dolphins in the Emerald Gulf. I knew when I exhausted the place I once lived to the Point where it only went towards Self Destruction with a podner-in-crime, what a Time Line.

Another year gone by, maybe my dreams didn't come true but som
e other great happenings Did, those Unexpected Surprises are the best rewards.


Inconsolable Still, not about the Future, the Uncertain Future, however mainly trying to Establish a Stable Home in the Immediate, Only THIS ONE DAY is all that matters. I am so aware of where my Head goes, especially in such times of untimely events with very little solutions.


Cultivate constant re-enforcement of Yourself, Empower your abilities to exceed the limits, because the limits are old now, and new ground must be broken for the new and coming calendar year. Living in a Land of Seasons really puts the Reality Check in Line when you know that it's 3 months, 4 times a year, you have to be prepared for th
e most beautiful transitions and yet be 10 steps ahead all the time.

Stock Up on Spiritual Necessities.

Bring these tools with-in you, you need not carry a pouch!

Ahh...just rambling whilst I debate as to whether I should stay up or get horizontal for a few short hours before my next early morning hand doctor appointment. I chose to give myself a few embedded Affirmations, if I only had a clue, some original
idea, I think I could get on with it, no?

Inconsolable...Definitely tolerable. The dolphins in the Gulf, I saw the massive migrations, they came up to the shore in a few feet of water, they rubbed against my legs
and I was in water up to my hips...my first experience, I was in awe, I go to these 'places' in my life's mind to recall the freedom and the presence of peace infinite, for the wild and untamed Mother Nature, those dolphins my mantra, my meditation.

Namaste to all of you.