Monday, May 21, 2007

The Return to The Return ("Begin The Begin")


This is a nice Tarot Deck, a compilation of artwork as large as wall hangings, made with beads and jewels as well as fabrics like satin, velvet and linens. Amy Zerner created The Enchanted Tarot sometime in the late 1980s or early 1990s. I'm too lazy to search the exact date,
Her Work is Timeless Otherwise.

She also adds a very Victorian 'touch' to her work, which at the time I had discovered her artwork, I was living in the South and finding my favorite Victorian 'antiques,' unlike the
Colonial Style of New England.

moving on.....

I've been moving things around. This is never an easy process, I'm continually distracted. I went through my Oracle Basket and 'picked a card' from this tarot deck, I hadn't looked at these pictures, which in real life wall hangings were incredibly astounding, in a very long time.


The Justice card suggests that my Alter Ego is a portal to a Reality Check,
whose Access to
where Truth lies is Guarded by the Superpower of my Karmic Credit/Debit Card.

When the Verdict or Results are In, I will get the Payoff or Payback I deserve through
the Natural Laws and
Cycles of Accountability, Reward, Truth and Consequences.

The "Return on my Investment"
will Diminish or Intensify until I finally Notice or Reap the Message.

Whichever Way It comes In, It happens for a Reason.
It keeps my Life in Balance.

When it comes Full Circle/Cycle, whatever the Result,
I will use it as an Opportunity
to Try Again,
Make Amends or Make it Right.

"I Recognize the Manifestation of the Undeviating Justice in All the Circumstances of My Life."

My friend Lina suggested a few months ago that I design my own tarot deck.
As I have done this before through Years of Discipline and Study with Builders of the Adytum,
I know that a project such as this would take a great deal of Time.

It might be About Time I started....

The Lessons I've Learned and the Teachings I've been Taught are
Guiding Me and Keeping Me through Life's Imminent
Challenges to this Day.

I can Thank Myself for That, it was my Own Way of Being 'Prepared.'

My friend Elaine has taught me what it means to 'have a strong body.' This also Involves Discipline and Persistence, it is worth the Effort. She Re-Enforced the Important Practice of YOGA, a Great Motivational Tool to WANT to be Strong-er and to Conquer Dis-Ease.

My Head is in the Right MindSet, Now my Body needs Attention.
Just as It is a Battle of the Senses, It is Not up to Us to be Judgmental for Justice.

We Are Our Own Judge.

It is Up to Us to Use Our Time with Wisdom.

I guess I had to Experiment, take Risks and Pay the Consequences.

I often Self Question Myself as I have Found Myself Back in the Place
Where I Started From. I've Diverted Emotional Pain to My Physical Self.

~The Healing Has Just Begun~