Sunday, January 28, 2007

Our Lady of Perpetual...


The 28th Day.

What constitutes (how does one become) a Saint?
Indoctrination, I am sure, but what sect? Dogma? Does the Pope have to be involved?

I spoke to Bill tonight, Colly's husband, it's been 1 Year Ago today. We talked about a lot of things, the Great Transformation and what beholds us in 2007. Their family church (Episcopal by 'faith') had a 'service' in Colly's memory today and token wildflowers, chosen by Bill, adorned the Altar. Now that I think about it (me, always 'after the fact' thinking), I should have gone down to New York for this, and of course, take some pictures.

This is also the Eve of my Annual Renewal Day.
How Many Seconds And Counting

This is January's Fascination Month...See the blue dot to the far right? That's Earth, That's Us.
Be if Far from ME that the McNaught Comet was Visible to Thee!

Did Anyone See It??

'first things first, not necessarily in that order.'

Monday, January 22, 2007

Defining Manuevers


Expect No Expectations. My Words to Live By Today.

I can't Plan IT or Control IT, it's going to be a DAY. Another Landmark in Herstory.

My Best Contribution is My Imagination. It speaks for Itself. It's Amazing how So Little can Go a Long Way.

It's the 22nd Day of the Year. What am I going to do with it?

So far, things are looking good, the sky is white, without Snow. The only sign that tells me it's more like January should be.

The Only Thing I can do is to Take My Imagination With Me, aside from Everything Else. It's like wearing an amulet or a lucky charm. If I don't have it, or if I forget it at Home, it's like navigating without a compass.

My 'Artwerk' IS my Inner Compass. I take these images with me wherever I go, even if I never leave my Desk!

It's Hard to be Objective when you're Compassionate, right?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Dual Dimensionisms


What's in a Word? Walking On Restless Dreams.

I put a lot of Thought into looking for Solutions than trying to find Answers to Things beyond My Control.

Of course, the Search is Neverending.

There was a Time when my Mind was in Space out of Time. Right now it seems so way out of Line.

The Drama and the Poetry of my Aspirations are Thoughts Contained in a Time Capsule.

A stack of week-old mail I have yet to open, a list of phone calls I need to make and a few Unfinished Projects define my Distraction from What I Really Want to Do.

Everything that Demands My Attention is Something that's Not of My Intention.

I feel like I am trying to Penetrate that Membrane which divides me in Dual Reality.

This is something you don't ever want to tell your doctors!

I need to stay away from them.

Open Your Spirit to The Dark Corners of Your Soul



Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The 10th Day


Everything I do/make is without an Outline.
I don't use an Outline for anything I make/create/do. I don't plan IT,
IT plans me. Inspiration cannot be 'summoned,' it comes when IT is
suppose to come. And that can be at ANYTIME. The point of the fact
is, you have to keep yourself WIDE OPEN, like artists do, so do I,
staring 'off into nothing-ness' before a blank canvas. I apply this method
even with my computer screen.

There is no beginning, middle or end to anything I accomplish, it's all ONE
static moment, ever continuing, ever going.

That's all for Tonight. No Bad Dreams, No Paranoia.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Many Symbolisms


Post Full Moon, there's a mouse in the house.

Every time the Cycle turns, my memory burns. Why am I so busy in mono-tone when there's stereo in the dual-dimensional perception of my Instinct?

I remind myself that I am not Alone. And it's not too late to make a fresh start or to pursue my heart's desire. My Power lies in Possibility. When I Envision, Expect and Choose great things, I Will
Identify, Pursue, and Experience great things.

Luck is Relative.

The Fountain of my
Youth or my Holy Grail is revealed in the simple pleasures and gestures that are unaware of
their own Beauty, Connection, and Power. I am Empowered by Nostalgia or past Perceptions.

My Gift is Rejuvenation.

...Still No Snow...

I need to keep my options Open and Acknowledge
Emotional Clutter and Unrealistic Expectations. My desire for Meaning is my
Gift of Opportunity and Epiphany.

I hope it Works.

Live each day in GRATITUDE. Give thanks every moment for the cherished blessings of Life.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Forever Included in the Circle of Divine Tenderness


Pristine, Crystalline Winter. It should be that now, but it is not.

Entering the new Cycle of 2007, I aim to give the utmost of my discipline in keeping with the Vision of what I would LIKE my Sight to See. Here's a start.

If I cannot Retreat to the Purity of Ice and Snow, that Clarity of Briskness that the Silence of Snow brings, I will Live IT in my Mind, something out of Space and something out of Time.

This is My Season. My Birth Month. My Beginning.

Nor will I bring the past of 2006 nor the past of the past with me into the Future that is the Moment Right Now. It's about preservation and maintaining the level where we all stand, the Promise(s) that we all Keep, the Hope that we all Dream and the Wonder of Innocence in a world and planetary environment that is slowly, no, rapidly, declining before us.

Keep Positive the Thoughts and Vibrations of every living pulse that is our Heartbeat. Listen to the Inner Voice which speaks should we choose to Listen, 'lest we get caught up in the Comfort of our Misery, our Negativity. Maybe because we feel that the World has not noticed us nor has given us what we needed or wanted when we needed or wanted it.

Everything is born in its right time. Patience plays a part in this, but along with Patience so must there be Strength.

Never let LIFE beat you down, beat Life!

"Make the effort to enter the portals of meditation to that happiness which lies within....We are travelers, here for but a little while, but our ultimate destination is God."

~Paramabansa Yogananda~